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Wednesday – fresh on the net – 261013

WEDNESDAY was chosen to feature on Tom Robinson’s Extra Gems mix for 4 October 2013 on the Fresh On The Net blog. The entire mix (including Wednesday) can be heard on Soundcloud.

Well chuffed with that…;-)





Aftermath day $%^& – 240913

Sponsored by “Jazz etc.”.

HELLHOLE is now available from iTunes and other online retailers. Please try and buy…;-).

In other news, I have just finished my last tranche of spam e-mails to promote the album. The reaction to date has been exactly as I had expected (i.e. “none”), but as I have said previously, if I’m going to be ignored, I might as well be ignored in a cost-effective manner.

This was the last section of my “planned” promo “campaign”. Anything that happens from now on is either a reaction to the planned promo, or is totally unplanned and random. Ad hoc, even.

So effectively, this will most likely be the last posting on this blog. I hope you’ve enjoyed all my postings. Thanks for sticking with me.

I plan to take a rest from musical activities for the next few months, but I will be back in the New Year with a new project, to be called (at this stage at least), D(O)UB(T). And there will be blog, similar to this, to log progress on the new project, so keep an eye out for that.

Well then, have a great life! See you around.

Thanks and regards,


Aftermath day &*^ – 100913

Sponsored by “Fleetwood Mac”.

Busy few days.

Started doing some promo via Facebook, which is a major pain in the bum – not at all user-friendly. Also did promo via Reverbnation which is a bit more “comme il faut”.

I’ve also uploaded the album wavs to CD Baby, so hopefully it should be released on iTunes and other online retailers within the next short while (iTunes is usually done first, which is nice).

I hope to make a start on my usual PR slog/e-mail spam blitz later this week, depending on circumstances. Next week, definitely. After that, it’s out of my hands and depends on the actions (or reactions) of others. No control over that, unfortunately.

Keep tuned for further details.



Aftermath Day 1 – 070913

Sponsored by “Drone Forest”.

Well, the album’s out one day already and everyone’s been very nice.

Got a few nice tweets from people to whom I’d sent links on an arm-chance, including a very nice tweet from Edwyn Collins

Nice to hear kind words from an old hero!

In other news, HELLHOLE is out now on Reverbnation

Over the next few days, I’ll be sending files to CD Baby for distribution to iTunes and other online retailers. I will also be putting together a promo package for the media. That’ll keep me busy for a while!




Hellhole – the release…

Sponsored by “Delia Derbyshire”.

So here it is then – the culmination of 21 months hard work. HELLHOLE has escaped from the studio!

You can listen/download initially from Bandcamp:-


The album will available to download from Reverbnation at some stage over the weekend, and then from iTunes and other online retailers hopefully at some stage next week. I have an awful lot of encoding and uploading to do in the meantime. Here’s hoping that my computers don’t implode and that nobody breaks the internet…;-). I’ll keep you abreast (oo, er) of developments as they…er…develop.

In the meantime, thank you for following the blog. I hope you like the album, and if you do, I hope you tell all your friends about it.




Parallels – 150813

Sponsored by “Bob Marley”.

PARALLELS is out now on Bandcamp:-


Hope you enjoy it…



That’s it…/Parallels – 110813

Sponsored by “Bing Satellites”.

Just in case you think nothing’s been happening here over the last few days, I’ve been busy tweaking and tweaking and tweaking…and I think I can finally sign-off on the album today. Sure, there are lots of flaws to be found if you want to listen closely enough, but I think I’ve got the album sounding as good as I can, given the circumstances. So, I’ve mastered up a final full mix of the album in AA3. And that’s that. I don’t intend to listen to the album anymore until after its release on September 6, as I’m sure I’d only find more reasons to tweak the bejasus out of the poor album. Possibly needlessly…

The other news is that I am releasing PARALLELS as a five-track EP on next Saturday, August 17. The EP will be comprised of:-

  • Parallels
  • Wednesday (Gulag Male Voice Choir Acapella Version)
  • No One Answer
  • Woodbines
  • The World Before 8

It will be released on Bandcamp and Reverbnation as per normal procedure. Further details at the relevant Facebook event page.

And here’s the rather nice graphic for the EP:-


Hope you’ll pop along to the event and give the EP and old listen/purchase. Hey, it’s worth askin’, isn’t it?